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Its qualities

A very powerful nose, almost explosive! The fruit’s unique characteristics are made very present thanks to the perfect association of the raspberry’s sweet and acid taste.

On the palate, we first feel the alcohol, but soon after comes the sugary taste, almost like sucking on a candy. Finally, light notes of wine brandy beautify the product.


Story time…

This time, we’re changing methods: the raspberry goes through a maceration process instead of a fermentation process.

To macerate the fruits, I obviously needed alcohol. I was looking for something else than the typical apple alcohol, already known for its neutral taste. I had to think of something that would be perfect with raspberries.

After many trials, I had finally found it! To make my plan come to life, I called up my two friends, Billy and “Cock’s”, as well as my stepdad Mauro. Those three are always ready to uncork some bottles...

You guessed it… You guessed it… We uncorked 1000 wine bottles (and no, I won’t say if they were white, red or rosé, I need to keep some things secret!). The wine was distilled and the alcohol poured into stainless steel tanks with the raspberries. The result macerated a while before going in my big pots.

And there you have it! Want to taste?

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