My distillerie de Porrentruy

Do you want to order bottles?
Or do you want to visit the distillery ?
Are you having second thoughts about distilling ?

Your distillations

I put my heart into my work, or rather my paw on the alembic, to distill your fruits in the noblest way possible.

But I also work hard so you can appreciate my precious brandies and visit my boar cave, where you are welcome to come individually or as a group.

Taste & visit

In my house, in the boar’s cave, everything is possible, or nearly. You can even have food to complement your degustations. It’s on demand and personalized, just for you. To do that, contact me !

With food ? we’re doing it on your budget !

Just tasting ? It’s free !

My brandies

It’s… my life ! The passion to pick and distil, it comes to me from the Jura tradition (finally, ajoulote, obviously).

And my dad. It’s with him, when I was a kid, that I surveyed orchards in search of the divine fruit…divine fruits from untreated trees, let’s be clear you guys!

No chemicals s**t in my orchard. Because for me, the health of wild boars and their natural habitat is priority.

wild boar tracks

The story

In August 2016, while backpacking in South America and talking a bit about work, Tania, my lover, asked me this question:

Don’t you really want to earn your life with orchard fruits ?

The answer to this question, I knew it deep down inside me, but I really couldn’t put my paw on it. I was still stuck, with a fear in my stomach to leave my comfort zone and begin a professional activity that was dangerous but much more in line with who I am.

As we continued our journey towards Lake Titicaca, I couldn’t get Tania’s question out of my head, which inevitably reminded me of my dear father, who had left us. During this crossing of the lake, we met a Belgian man with whom we discussed at length about our respective life paths…

I suddenly had this revelation :
if I didn’t use this knowledge and my passion for distillation passed down from my father, I would only regret it !

These encounters and discussions were really nothing more than messages sent by my father ! My decision was then taken: I would take up the torch of my father, and I would make it my profession: Alembic.

He must be, I hope, proud.

wild boar tracks


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