Rose hip

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Its qualities

As you know, there are many different recipes that use this fruit… but I prefer to distill it, which is a pretty rare thing to do.

This fruit is harvested in the wild, near forest borders, rivers and trails. Fingers and forearms take a beating in the wild bushes, but it’s all worth it once your tastebuds get a taste of the result!

available from December 2022

Stroy time

When we were kids, we used to go looking forrosehips, rose hips, gourds…butt scrapers! We recovered the small seeds inside which allowed us, once dried, to transform them into hair to be scratched that we slipped into the pants of our little friends. That’s for the trip down memory lane.

The term “gratte-cul”, (“itching butt” in French) actually refers to the irritation the seeds cause if you eat the fruit without first removing them. They irritate the whole digestive system lining.



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