Gravenstein apple

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Its qualities

The noseis a fresh apple, and its aroma has a notable fruity side, making it very interesting.

On the palate, we feel freshness as well as a hint of acidity, which completes the bouquet.

The gourmet side of the apple comes back in retro olfaction, and its length will surprise your taste buds.

Available in October 2022

Story time…

The Gravenstein apple is an ancient variety that was discovered in Denmark, back in 1669. It is harvested pretty early in the season Every apple is cleaned before we remove the stalk and the calyx at the base. The apples are then crushed and barrelled to start the fermentation process.

Tasting advice

All of my products are non-filtered so as to keep the aromatic structure intact. . This also means they become cloudy if refrigerated. All of my brandies are only to be enjoyed at room temperature.

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