DP – Brennerei in Porrentruy – Hervé Blanchard – Porrentruy

Distil, distil, distil ! Awaken the boar in you.

Hervé the fuzzy distiller ...

Come with me to find the good taste of Ajoie !

Find your pathway to the distillerie de Porrentruy, young boar !

Find your pathway to the distillerie de Porrentruy, young boar !

Distillerie de Porrentury eaux-de-vie


My liqueurs to drink

wild boar tracks
Distillerie de Porrentury distillation


Your fruits that need to be distilled

wild boar tracks
Distillerie de Porrentury distillation


Don’t miss out on our tasting experiences!

wild boar tracks

My distillerie de Porrentruy

My name is Hervé Blanchard, and everything started in March 2018, when I (finally) decided to listen to my wife and to follow in my super dad’s steps.

The Porrentruy distillery, in the Canton of Jura, it’s my baby boar, my muse, my life.

I distil your fruits, mine, and I invite thirsty wild boars to hide and drink.

Portrait of Hervé Blanchard

Bottle into the sea

Thanks to Hervé, I again discovered brandy, which I believed was reserved only for experts and "drop" lovers. And I loved it ! Et j’ai adoré !

Camille, Develier

Quality brandies, logo and liqueurs, reception and sympathy of alembic : just perfect !

Livia, Courgenay

We like this place very much, its decoration and concept. Quality products to offer and to offer ourselves in magnificent fiols with their unique design.

Gary et Rachel, Porrentruy

Superb: The product quality was excellent, as well as Hervé attention to detail and availability.

Antonio, Miécourt

Projects still in the boar’s lair

A.K.A. my upcoming liquid creations, my dear boar fans.

That’s right! You should know that I’m continually working on 1001 new drinks: liquors (my “Princesses” as I like to call them), but also rum and gin, which I call my “Internationals”. (Yes, I’m a big hockey fan and it shows)

I’ll let you know when the final products are ready.

If you want more information, you can contact me by email, phone or even with a carrier piglet.

Distillery of Porrentruy office of Hervé Blanchard
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