“Fellenberg” plum

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Its qualities

Fruity nose, with a subtle marzipannote. The ripeness of the fruit andthe absence of the pitare clearly noticeable.

On the palate, we find a gourmet taste, and no harshness at all. The length is such that it’s almost unusual.

Available from October 2022.

Story time…

Fellen…what?? How many times have I heard this question? This is surprising considering the Fellenberg is the most famous type of plum in Switzerland. It has an elongated shape and a violet-blue color with a fine bloom that can be removed with a light brush of the fingers.

Its mild fruity perfume and hint of acidity is one of a kind. The pit can easily be removed from its very sweet flesh.

Yet again, the fruits are carefully selectedby hand. A quality brandy must be earned, and so I decided to stone the fruits before the fermentation process. Result? Less acidity and more roundness!

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