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Its qualities

This brandy nicely mixes 5 different applevarieties with oak chips The apples are picked according to their taste structure to ensure a perfect balance between the sweeter varieties and the acid ones.


The nosepleasantly combines the green taste of the apple and the soft vanilla touch of the oak.

This brandy is very gourmet, because of its length on the palateand vanilla aromas.

Story time…

“Calv’Ajoie” is the name my Father invented about twenty years ago, a wink to Calvados, which is a controlled and protected title. To produce this brandy, oak chips are carefully selected after many trials. Every chip sample was submitted to different temperatures. This step is not unlike a cooper’s work: to make a unique barrel for the wine maker by controlling the heat intensity (weak, medium or strong). For my part, I heated the chips at… Sorry, I’m keeping that a secret!

The extra

If you’re looking for a regional product, Calv’Ajoie can certainly replace a Whisky or Cognac after a good meal.

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