Williams pear

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Its qualities

The noseis very precise and sharp, typical and charming, with a nice subtlety.

On the palate, we feel the maturity of the fruit. The purity and sharpness of the Williams pear are very delicate, and its length is to die for!

The Williams pear comes from our friends in the Valais region

Story time

The fruits arrive at my house in boxes, where they stay for a few days until they develop a yellow color To test their ripeness, I hold them in my hands and squeeze them;if they are easily crushed, they pass the test! I cut off the stalk, the calyx, and any brownish parts that may have appeared during transport, before crushing them If some pears aren’t ripe enough, I put them back in the boxes until they are ready.

This whole process is long and arduous, but it all becomes worth it the moment you taste what comes out of my alembic!

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